Open Water Instructor
(CMAS Instructor*)

Inspire your diving students and show them a new and exciting world. Expand your offer with additional specialties and courses.

Training content

Divided into theory and practice, this training builds on your skills as an i.a.c. Scuba Instructor.

During the theoretical training, you will not only deepen your knowledge, but also learn new skills that will help you to train your students in the best possible way. So that you can convey the content you have learned to your diving students in an enjoyable way, teaching presentations are held on selected topics. You will show that you not only master the respective subject areas, but that you can also teach them.

At least 6 dives are carried out during the practical training. This not only tests the perfect demonstration of skills, but also demonstrates an adequate response to emergency scenarios.


After a successful Instructor Examination you are i.a.c. Open Water Instructor and authorized to issue the following Certifications:

To expand your portfolio, you can obtain certification for further i.a.c. specialties at any time or qualify as a CMAS* Instructor.

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At the start of the course:

Here you become a Open Water Instructor (CMAS Instructor*)