Freediving Instructor Trainer

If you want to take Freediver to a professional level, this course is your next step.

Training content

The Freediving Instructor Trainer course will not only provide you with detailed information about the i.a.c. and the RSTC, but you will also get to know the other partners in our worldwide network. You will also be trained in other areas such as coaching and personal development. We will also introduce you to our training philosophy.

The practical part consists of the entire instructor examination. You will be able to demonstrate all the required exercises, motivate the candidates and become aware of your role model function. As a candidate, you should also make it clear that you are always able to rescue students in an emergency, recognize these emergencies at an early stage and act and react appropriately to the situation.


After successfully completing your Freediving Instructor Trainer seminar, you will be part of the i.a.c. trainer team and will be able to train Freediving Instructors independently.

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At the start of the course:

Here you become a Freediving Instructor Trainer