Normoxic Trimix CCR

The Normoxic Trimix CCR course is a further step towards redundancy and training.

Training content

This course forms the basis for project-related rebreather diving.

You will be trained in advanced theory and practice to be able to perform trimix decompression dives on a rebreather. The handling of the 2-3 deco mixes as a bail out is trained as well as advanced Nitrox (NX) and Trimix (TX) theory for demanding TEC dives.

Project-oriented diving means more preparation and planning. You must be able to complete your runtime safely within a time limit and with multiple errors. to finish your runtime safely. The Normoxic Trimix CCR course teaches the basics for the various configurations and applications of a rebreather in open water, wrecks or caves.

Training objectives

  • Advanced TX training with TX mixtures that can be breathed on the surface
  • Problem solving – floating and ascending
  • Solving multiple errors with tight deadlines
  • Handling of 2 stage cylinders with NX and O2gas exchange , incl. decompression gas redundancy
  • Advanced deco training with O2 NX and TX mixtures
  • Making training measurable
  • Advanced Deko TEC training
Limit after successful course completion
  • Maximum depth 60 meters
  • No limit on decompression times


At the start of the course:

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Proof of health status, not older than 2 years
  • Detection i.a.c. TEC Advanced Nitrox CCR, i.a.c. Trimix Light CC R or comparable, according to current i.a.c. equivalence list
  • Electronic logbook proof of at least 80 CCR diving hours, including 30 deco dives and 30 deeper than 30 meters

Here you become a TEC Normoxic Trimix CCR