Nitrox Advanced Instructor

Learn to recognize critical situations, mistakes and problems and provide assistance in finding solutions.

Training content

In the i.a.c. Nitrox Advanced Instructor course, all TEC Basic Skills must be mastered in demonstration quality, which are essential for safe decompression dives. During training and runtime dives, the Nitrox Advanced Instructor must deal with critical situations such as gas loss, violation of decompression rules and problem handling in the event of equipment faults, and place particular emphasis on problem recognition and resolution. In the Nitrox Advanced course, users learn how to use a stage cylinder and the associated potential malfunctions. In addition, decompression diving profiles with a gas change (maximum NX 50 as decompression gas) are trained.

Qualification after course completion

  • Decompression dive with max. 15 minimum decompression, with basic gas air or Nitrox plus one decompression gas max. NX 50
  • max. diving depth 40m
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At the start of the course:

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Proof of health status
  • Proof of i.a.c. Open Water Instructor or comparable
  • Postgraduate certificate via i.a.c. Nitrox Instructor or comparable
  • Proof of i.a.c. TEC Basic or comparable
  • Proof of i.a.c. Nitrox Advanced or comparable
  • Valid instructor liability insurance
  • At least 200 logged dives of which at least 40 decompression dives

Here you become a Nitrox Advanced Instructor