Advanced Freediver

Get to know your body better and dive deeper.

Training content

This course is for all advanced freedivers who want to go deeper into freediving. With additional tips and tricks, you will get to know your body better, learn valuable training methods and will be able to freedive even more easily with your buddy.

Theoretical training

  • Safety rules
  • Immersion physics (partial pressure and dissolution of gases in liquids)
  • Medicine (O2 consumption, lung volume, etc.)
  • Pressure equalization, safety BO/Samba, posture when diving
  • Breathing and yoga relaxation technique
  • Training methods (conventional methods, mental exercises)
  • Risks

Practical training

  • Adjusting equipment in the swimming pool and open water
  • 1:30 minutes time diving
  • 40m distance diving
  • 15 – 20m deep diving
  • Rescue a freediver from 10 – 15m and transport to shore or boat


At the start of the course:

  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Proof of health status
  • Proof of Basic Freediver or comparable
  • For minors, a declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian is required

Here you become a Advanced Freediver