TEC Wreck

This course teaches you more detailed wreck diving procedures.

Training content

The dives take place exclusively at depths that correspond to your existing qualifications.

In contrast to wreck diving in recreational diving, this course places more emphasis on preparation, entries and exits as well as descents and ascents with and without a reference.

The classic TEC Fundamental course is a prerequisite for the TEC Wreck course, but both courses can be combined. For all wreck lovers, the TEC Wreck course is the right and safe introduction to wreck diving.

The diving depths are limited to the maximum depths of the highest available i.a.c. TEC certification


At the start of the course:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Proof of health status, not older than 2 years
  • Proof i.a.c. Wreck Diving and
  • i.a.c.TEC Fundamental OC or i.a.c. TEC Fundamental CCR or comparable, according to the current i.a.c. equivalence list
  • Logbook proof of at least 100 logged dives (OC) or 100 logged diving hours (CCR)

Here you become a TEC Specialty Tec Wreck