Specialty Dive Group Management

Here you will learn to lead diving groups under water and ensure safety within the group.

Training content

In the Specialty Dive Group Management you will learn about the tasks and activities of a group leader. You will learn how to assess the divers in the group as well as how to react in good time and act appropriately in the event of incidents. The focus is on carrying out a dive, adapted to the water and the level of performance of the divers. This course gives you the opportunity to apply your skills as a Dive Group Manager.

Theoretical training

  • Tasks of the group leader
  • Assessing the dive site and dive partners
  • Briefing and post-briefing
  • Group division and formation
  • Organization of entry and exit
  • Organization of Ascending and descending
  • (UW) communication in the group
  • Observe, decide and react to incidents
  • Role of navigation in dive group management

Practical training

  • Selection of the dive site based on the qualification of the fellow divers
  • Composition and organization of the diving group
  • Implementation of the briefings
  • Organization of entry and exit
  • Organization of the descent and ascent
  • Ensuring “group discipline” under water
  • Observing the group in the water
  • Recognizing problems when diving within the group
  • Place the SMB on the safety stop and control the group at the same time