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Medical statement for diving is a medical examination for scuba divers. This includes both the physical and psychological examination of divers by appropriately trained doctors.

Your i.a.c. diving certificate, which is recognized worldwide, you can complete at all our i.a.c. DiveCenters.

The right i.a.c. DiveCenter for you and your individual requirements HERE. In the menu on the left, you can select the basic services that meet your requirements.

That’s a very good question. Our regular i.a.c. Certifications are made of plastic and would therefore take around 400 to 450 years to decompose. However, the plastic would not have biodegraded by then. The card would only decompose into microplastic over time. In contrast, our BIO CARD is biodegradable within a period of 3 to 4 years when disposed of in organic waste.

The i.a.c. (International Aquanautic Club) sees itself as a modern company and can therefore also be found on various social media channels such as INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.

An i.a. c. DiveCenter is a diving center which offers diving courses according to the i.a.c. training guidelines

If you have lost your i.a.c. Certification and you need a new card for your next diving vacation, we can of course help you. Simply contact us by e-mail at info@diveiac.com with the following information. Our i.a.c. Head Office will send you an offer. Alternatively, you can also contact one of our i.a. c. DiveCenter in your area.

  • First name and surname
  • Address
  • Current number of dives
  • a passport photo
  • the date of birth
  • Which course the Certification is about
  • when the course was completed

Yes, we offer you the option of having your invoices debited by us in an uncomplicated and stress-free manner. To do this, you can have us send you the relevant direct debit form, fill it out, sign it and send it back to info@diveiac.com.

An online crossover takes place every second Sunday of the month from 10 am to 2 pm. You can simply register by sending an email to info@diveiac.com.

If you have had an inactive instructor status with us for more than two years, you can take part in a crossover event and reactivate your status. If you have been inactive for less than two years, you can submit proof of your current instructor liability insurance and diving fitness at info@diveiac.com.

The Instructor Portal serves you, as an i.a.c. Instructor, as a platform for all i.a.c. specific documents. This portal is always kept up to date by the i.a.c. Head Office so that you can always work with the latest materials. In addition to the Training Record Cards (TRC), you will also find question and answer sheets for theoretical examinations and, of course, the training standards and guidelines.

The purchase of an i.a.c. e-Academy course includes not only the digital certification but also the theoretical part of your chosen course. The price of the course does not include the dives required for the exercises according to the Training Record Card. The theory exam, if applicable, will take place on site at your i.a.c. DiveCenter.

Yes, even with an expired card you can train students as usual, because the decisive factor for your active activity is the license renewal through payment of the annual fee and compliance with the current training guidelines. If you would still like to have a card with a valid date, you can order it via the current i.a.c. certification tool in the Instructor Portal by entering your data in the i.a.c. Certification and selecting “Instructor Card” as the Certification.

As a Junior Open Water Diver you can take all specialties that have the Open Water Diver as a prerequisite and for which you have reached the corresponding minimum age (see information on the respective specialty).

The Training Record Card (TRC for short) is an overview of the course content to be completed. It is mandatory for every i.a.c. diving course and must be completed and signed by the instructor and the students. This serves on the one hand as proof of training and on the other hand as a “transfer certificate”. If you decide during your training to complete your diving course at another DiveCenter, e.g. on vacation, the TRC can be used to prove that you have already completed the course.

The RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council) was founded in 1999 in order to establish a worldwide unification of minimum standards for the diving training of the various diving associations and organizations and thus offer a unified certification. This is why, for example, the Open Water Diver training is the same for all member associations. As a founding member of RSTC Europe, the i.a.c.’s certifications are therefore internationally recognized.

  1. Select the appropriate diving course in the store at my.diveiac.com and add it to your shopping cart.
  2. Pay in the checkout (with the personal voucher code)
  3. Create final account and complete purchase
  4. Start course program

Yes, even though we have introduced the i.a.c. e-Academy, our instructors can continue to work with analog teaching materials as usual. The i.a.c. e-learning can be used as an additional teaching method.

Yes, the physical cards will continue to be sent out as standard and/or organic versions in addition to the digital certificate. Only when certifying i.a.c. e-Academy students will the physical card not be sent automatically and must be ordered explicitly.

You can have all specialties recognized for which you have an acceptance authorization, as long as there is an equivalent course at the i.a.c..

After successfully logging in to the i.a.c. e-Academy, students will find the release code in the menu item “Certification” under the respective profile picture.

Certification i.a.c. Junior Open Water Diver can be obtained at an i.a.c. DiveCenter as soon as the required minimum age of 15 years has been reached. DiveCenter to the Certification i.a.c. Open Water Diver at an i.a.c. DiveCenter. If there are more than twelve months between the last dive and the transfer, we recommend taking part in an i.a. c. Refresher.

The Junior AOWD is possible without Specialty Deep Diving! An upgrade to AOWD requires the successful participation in the Specialty Deep Diving which is only possible at the age of 15.

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