Normoxic Trimix OC

The Normoxic Trimix OC course is a further step towards redundancy and training.

Training content

You will be trained in advanced theory and practice to be able to carry out dives with trimix as a base gas using 2-3 decompression gases. The Normoxic Trimix course focuses primarily on decompression dives and the handling of multiple failures under time constraints. Several deco mixes are required to safely complete Normoxic dives.

The Normoxic Trimix level does not include a deco limit. From the Normoxic Trimix level, all basic exercises are completed under time limit and without/with reference.

Training objectives

  • Advanced trimix training with surface-breathable trimix mixtures
  • Problem solving – floating and ascending
  • Solving multiple errors with tight deadlines
  • Handling of 2 stage cylinders with NX and O2 gas exchange, incl. decompression gas redundancy
  • Advanced deco training with oxygen, nitrox and trimix mixtures
  • Making training measurable
  • Advanced Deko TEC training
Limit after successful course completion
  • Maximum depth 60 meters
  • No limit on decompression times


At the start of the course:

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Proof of health status, not older than 2 years
  • Detection i.a.c. TEC Advanced Nitrox OC, i.a.c. TEC Trimix Light OC or comparable, according to current i.a.c. equivalence list
  • Logbook proof of at least 100 logged dives, including 30 deco dives and 30 deeper than 30 meters

Here you become a TEC Normoxic Trimix OC