TEC Advanced Solo

In this course you will expand your TEC Solo Diver skills to perform dives with redundant bottom and decompression gas.

Training content

Sufficient experience in solo diving must be demonstrated for certification.

Decompression dives are carried out with redundant bottom and decompression gas. Here you must pay attention to accurate gas and equipment logistics, because all problems must be solved confidently and naturally “solo” while adhering to the runtime.

As decompression dives cannot be aborted, the TEC Advanced Solo Diver makes significantly higher demands than the TEC Solo Diver. For this you need the knowledge and experience of decompression and solo dives combined with an extremely high skill level and very precise knowledge of gas planning.

The diving depths are limited to the maximum depths of the highest available i.a.c. TEC certification


At the start of the course:

Here you become a TEC Specialty Tec Advanced Solo