Freediving Instructor

Inspire your freediving students and take them to a new level.

Our i.a.c. Freediving program is characterized by its modular structure with 9 sections. The individual modules can be completed at any active and approved instructor training center.

Training content

The training, divided into theory and practice, builds on your skills. Not only will your knowledge in the theoretical training be deepened, but you will also acquire new skills. These will help you to optimally train your freediving students in the future. Teaching tests are held on selected topics. Here you can show that you not only have a technical command of the selected topics, but that you can also communicate them in an understandable way. This means you are ideally prepared to convey the relevant content to your students in an enjoyable way.


Once you have been certified as a freediving instructor, you will have the necessary knowledge to conduct independent courses:

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At the start of the course:

Here you become a Freediving Instructor