Trimix Light CCR

Here you will be trained in the theory and practice of decompression diving with a light trimix gas on an eCCR.

Training content

TEC Advanced Nitrox CCR and Trimix Light CCR are identical courses, except for the following additional points:

  • Introduction and use of light helium for deep dives
  • last dive with a light trimix mixture

If the CCR Trimix Light students do not master the basic training, the course will be completed with the TEC Advanced Nitrox CCR Diver. The maximum diving depth is then limited to 40 m and 30 minimum decompression.

Training objectives

  • Introduction to light trimix diving
  • Problem solving, stationary and in motion
  • Solving individual errors with a slight time limit
  • Intensification of the basic training
  • Introduction to decompression diving with nitrox and light trimix mixtures
  • Making training measurable
  • Entry into Deko TEC training
Limit after successful course completion
  • Maximum depth 50 meters
  • Maximum 30 minutes decoration


At the start of the course:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Proof of health status, not older than 2 years
  • Proof of i.a.c . TEC Fundamental CCR or comparable, according to current i.a.c. equivalence list
  • Electronic logbook proof of at least 40 CCR diving hours, 20 of which must be deeper than 20 meters
  • Proof of 8 dives with a minimum of 480 minutes diving time

Here you become a TEC Trimix Light CCR