Master Diver

Dive even safer!

The Master Diver course is a further challenge in your diving career. You will learn to actively take responsibility for your fellow divers.

Training content

In the i.a.c. Master Diver course you will learn, above all, to look after the safety and well-being of other divers in addition to your own experience. Although this course is challenging, it will reward you with a strong sense of self-confidence.

Theoretical training

In this course you will deepen the skills and knowledge acquired in the Advanced Open Water Diver course. By gaining diving experience and participating in other specialty courses, such as Stress & Rescue (compulsory course) and at least one other course of your choice, you will be familiarized with the important contents for the safe execution of any dives in open water, with equally trained diving partners.

Practical training

  • Deepening the skills & knowledge learned
  • Completion of the Stress & Rescue specialty
  • Completion of a further specialty of your choice
  • Further special courses are recommended


From now on, you are not only part of the diving group, but you are also responsible for your fellow divers in the group. You support beginners and ensure that everything runs smoothly in the background, both above and below the water. You will continue to develop your skills through further specialties.


At the start of the course:

On completion:

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