Freediving Basic Instructor

Your path to becoming a Freediving Instructor starts with the Freediving Basic Instructor course.

Our i.a.c. Freediving program is characterized by its modular structure with 9 sections. The individual modules can be completed at any active and approved instructor training center.

Training content

Building on the modules you have completed so far, the Freediving Basic Instructor course takes up and deepens the practical and theoretical content of your Freediving Leader and Freediving Leader Pro course. You will also be given additional background information.

A comprehensive part of the training deals with the presentation of training content. You will learn how to convey the individual components of freediving to your freediving students quickly and easily. The practical part deals with the planning and structuring of freediving courses. What equipment is suitable for training? What are the requirements for training waters? These are just two of the many questions that need to be clarified before starting a course. We will show you what is important and how you can recognize problems and difficulties before they occur.


After successfully passing the theoretical exam and receiving a positive assessment, you will be awarded the status of i.a.c. Freediving Basic Instructor. You can then register directly for an instructor examination.

As an i.a.c. Freediving Basic Instructor you are authorized to teach the following courses:

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At the start of the course:

Here you become a Freediving Basic Instructor