TEC Fundamental OC

The TEC Fundamental course is the introduction to technical diving and the prerequisite for all other TEC courses.

Training content

Here, all basic exercises are deepened and optimized and additionally trained in combination with the fundamental exercises of technical diving. The TEC Fundamental focuses primarily on precise buoyancy control and trim, finning techniques, team awareness and controlled ascents with and without the use of a surface buoy. The basics of managing faulty equipment and the possible loss of breathing gas are trained, depending on the course plan and equipment configuration in the areas of OC back- or sidemount.

Training objectives

  • Stationary problem solving
  • Solving individual errors
  • Acquisition of fundamental, stationary safety concepts through constant practice routines
  • Basic finning methods
  • Perfecting buoyancy and trim
  • Making entry into training measurable
Limit after successful course completion
  • Diving depth depending on recreational diving certification


At the start of the course:

Here you become a TEC Fundamental OC