Specialty Refresher

Here you can refresh your knowledge and skills after a long break from diving.

Training content

The Specialty Refresher is based on the training content of the i.a.c. Open Water Diver and is aimed at divers who want to start scuba diving again after a longer break. Your knowledge will be refreshed and any uncertainties in handling your equipment, both above and under water, will be discussed. You will also discuss and practise emergency situations and how to react appropriately.

Theoretical training

  • Diving equipment: components, assembly, function/operation
  • Update diving physics: pressure and volume, gases in liquids, buoyancy control
  • Update diving medicine: pressure and pressure equalization, breathing, barotrauma, DCS and AGE, dehydration
  • Dive preparation and planning, dive computer, environmental protection, hand signals, problem management

Practical training

Pool training
  • Preparing, checking and putting on the equipment, buddy check, getting into the water
  • Out of Air: regaining the regulator that has been removed, released and hanging behind the back, breathing from an alternative air supply, acting as a giver and receiver
  • Blowing out the mask: either flooding or removing the mask
  • Ascend, entry and exit and equipment supply
Open water training
  • Preparing, checking and putting on the equipment, buddy check, entering the water, Descend with control stop
  • Repetition of the exercises from the pool at a depth of at least 5m
  • Breathing and buoyancy exercises, including balancing on the tips of the fins
  • Out-of-air situation as giver and receiver
  • Stationary mask exercise
  • UW hand signal
  • Speed-controlled ascent with safety stop at a depth of 5 m
  • Entry and exit and equipment supply


  • Proof of Open Water Diver or comparable
  • Proof of health status
  • For minors, a declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian is required