Specialty Full Face Mask

Here you will learn how to use a full face mask.

Training content

The Specialty Full Face Mask offers you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with procedures, knowledge, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, safety aspects and the advantages of diving with a full face mask. You will also be shown the possibilities of an extension for underwater communication systems and its advantages.

Theoretical training

  • Development of the full face mask and its areas of application
  • Knowledge about full face masks, their possibilities and advantages, the correct fit and adjustment, the correct setting of the regulator and the setting of the pressure equalization system
  • Plan, organize and enjoy a safe dive with a full face mask
  • Cold water, visible area and dirty water
  • Communication with the dive buddy or surface crew
  • Oxygen (O2) at depth and unconscious diver
  • Maintenance and care

Practical training

  • Fitting the full face mask to the head and the SCUBA
  • Breathing out of the mask, fogging of the mask
  • Pressure equalization with the mask in shallow water (maximum 5 meters)
  • Flooding, putting on and taking off the mask and using an alternative air supply in shallow water (at a maximum depth of 5 meters)
  • Perform different diving positions
  • Problem management with the full face mask when diving
  • Repeat exercises at a depth of between 10 and 15 meters
  • UW communication between the divers (optional)


  • Minimum age 12 years old
  • Proof of Open Water Diver or comparable
  • Proof of health status
  • For minors, a declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian is required