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  • Tauch-mit-Georg – Georg Schuerkötter, Von-Ketteler-Straße 1, 58706 Menden (Sauerland)

  • 02373-63033
  • info@tauch-mit-georg.de

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    As the name suggests, you will be diving with Georg. He has owned the base for over 18 years and has a lot of experience.


    Georg has his base at the beginning of the Sauerland, in Menden. This is also where your diving experience begins. He offers diving training all year round and caters as much as possible to the wishes of the divers. For years, training has been carried out in small groups and, depending on the training requirements, Georg is sometimes alone under water with a diver. This means that only two people ever go into the water for a trial dive in the lake.


    After a short drive through the picturesque Sauerland region, you can quickly reach Lake Sorpe, where you can dive. The summer diving site is open from May 1 to November 15. There is a lot to see and explore underwater. Let yourself be surprised. You can also dive in the Sorpe in winter. Dive site 2 is then open, where you can also go deep. There is a beautiful drop off that invites you to dive.


    If you need diving equipment, you will usually find what you are looking for here. If something is not in stock, it can of course be ordered at short notice. There is also a compressor and tanks can be filled.


    Thanks to our many years of experience, you will receive training that is very interesting. But the fun should not be neglected either. From taster dives in the pool or lake to becoming a diving instructor - everything is on offer here. Children's birthday parties with taster dives are also possible from April to September. Children's and handicap training are also offered. CMAS courses from bronze to gold are also available on request.

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