Full Trimix CCR

The Full Trimix course is the highest level of training in TEC diving and is required for all dives deeper than 75 meters.

Training content

In this course, you will no longer work on basic exercises, but must master all exercises to perfection and within the time limit. The aim is to prepare you for expedition diving and to train you in the necessary techniques, creating an awareness of how to return safely to the surface even from very deep dives.

Due to the high ambient and partial pressures, you have to carry out your planning and calculations very precisely. For dive planning, you work in the CCR Trimix area with an onboard base mix and various bailout travel and deco gases.

After completing the course, you must be able to plan and dive complex trimix dives with the rebreather, with several gas changes in the bail-out, in compliance with the gas laws.

Training objectives

  • Advanced Trimix training, Descend with rice gas
  • Problem solving – floating and ascending
  • Solving multiple errors with tight deadlines
  • Handling of 4 stage cylinders with trimix, nitrox and oxygen gas exchange, incl. deco gas redundancy
  • Explorer deco training with oxygen, nitrox and trimix mixtures
  • Making training measurable
  • Advanced Deko TEC training
Limit after successful course completion
  • Maximum depth 100 meters


At the start of the course:

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Proof of health status, not older than 2 years
  • Proof i.a.c. Normoxic Trimix CCR or comparable, according to current i.a.c. equivalence list
  • Electronic logbook proof of at least 150 CCR diving hours, including 70 deco dives and 50 deeper than 40 meters

Here you become a TEC Full Trimix CCR