Specialty Wreck Diving

Here you will learn how to dive safely on and in wrecks and their special features.

Training content

In the Specialty Wreck Diving you will be familiarized with the theory and practice of safe planning, preparation and execution of wreck dives.

Theoretical training

  • Selection and evaluation of wrecks
  • Dive planning and preparation
  • Wreck diving equipment
  • Changing conditions for wreck diving
  • Safety precautions (e.g. securing the leash)
  • Emergency planning
  • Locating wrecks (nautical chart, land bearings, GPS)
  • Handling an echo sounder
  • Aids for UW orientation

Practical training

  • Independent planning of the dive
  • Use of lamps
  • Exploring the outer wreckage area
  • Fitting safety devices
  • Careful immersion in secured indoor areas, including all necessary safety measures


  • Minimum age 16 years old
  • Proof of Advanced Open Water Diver or comparable
  • Proof of health status
  • For minors, a declaration of consent from a parent or legal guardian is required