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Tauchlehrer.com – Diving center at the See- und Waldresort Gröbern

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  • www.tauchlehrer.com

  • Alte Chausseestraße 1
    06774 Muldestausee

    Ortsteil Gröbern

  • +49 163 6555823
  • service@tauchlehrer.com

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    The diving center “Tauchlehrer.com” (formerly located at Bernsteinsee/Goitzsche) was completely rebuilt in 2020 and is located in the lake and forest resort directly on Lake Gröbern.


    The base is equipped with a filling station up to 300 bar and a nitrox system. Modern rental equipment and a catamaran to take divers to individual boat dive sites are available. It is also possible to hire a covered raft with barbecue and electric motor for independent tours with up to eight people. SUP and canoes are available for hire. All permits for the neighboring Gremminer See are also available here.


    The training is led by Frank Kleeblatt and includes courses from beginners, including children from the age of eight, to diving instructors, including specialty courses. Various technical diving courses and cave diving training up to full cave instructor are also offered.


    Lake Gröbern, a 53-metre-deep former open-cast mine, attracts visitors with various mining relics, exceptional visibility of up to 20 meters and an abundance of fish. There are other very rewarding diving lakes in the immediate vicinity, including the recently opened Gremminer See.


    Accommodation is provided in the lake and forest resort with comfortable vacation homes for four to six people with separate double rooms. There are also comfortable hotel rooms with one or two beds. There are also modern motorhome pitches. Bookings: www.seeresort-groebern.de

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