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  • www.einfachtauchen.de

  • Einfach Tauchen, Mühlenstraße 21, 47199 Duisburg

  • 02841 1739757
  • info@einfachtauchen.de

    Dive Center services:

    This Dive Center meets the following specifications.

    Fun. Competence. Safety.

    Scuba diving

    Would you like to start diving and become an Open Water Diver? Do you already have a diving license and want to expand your skills with the AOWD or Master Diver? Would you like to reach the highest level in recreational diving and become a Dive Leader? Would you like to learn special skills such as diving with Nitrox, with scooters, sidemount, dry or night diving? The experienced instructors offer you the complete spectrum of diving training and support you.

    Circuit diving

    Do you want to dive without annoying bubbles? Would you like to dive without disturbing noises? Would you like to dive with a fully closed rebreather and benefit from other advantages? With rebreather diving, no gas is wasted as the exhaled air flows into counterlungs and remains in the circuit. The carbon dioxide is filtered out and the used oxygen is replaced by new oxygen. This opens up completely new perspectives in terms of gas consumption, no-decompression time and dive time. The base offers complete rebreather training for recreational divers and mixed gas divers. Would you like to try rebreather diving for the first time? The base also offers trial dives on rebreathers.

    Technical diving

    Would you like to perfect your diving and be able to operate your equipment autonomously? Would you like to explore exciting dive sites, such as wrecks, with longer bottom times? Would you like to carry out decompression dives using modern and safe strategies? Would you like to explore new depths with Trimix? Sidemount, backmount or rebreather configurations are possible. EinfachTauchen offers the complete spectrum of TEC and mixed gas diving training.


    Would you like to try on and select diving equipment? In the store in Sonsbeck you will find an extensive range and a Scubapro showroom. Regulator service is offered. Tank fillings are possible up to 300 bar.

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