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NaturaGart underwater park

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    This is the world’s largest artificial diving site and offers an unforgettable diving experience: a cave system over 300 meters long, a wreck, a recreated ancient temple scene and many rock formations are topped off by contact with meter-long sturgeons.


    The diving park is part of a leisure park with numerous ponds, including the largest cold-water aquarium in Germany. In spring, hundreds of thousands of tulips and daffodils bloom, followed by a variety of summer flowers. This also turns the time between dives into an experience - especially for non-diving companions.
    company. Sufficient accommodation is available in local hotels. Appointments are always necessary. The underwater park is ideal for beginners' training (OWD according to i.a.c.) and a mecca for try divers.

    The water is 120 meters long, about 60 meters wide and 7.5 meters deep. It was actually built as a reference object for NaturaGart, Europe's leading pond construction company. The lake is completely sealed with multi-layered foil, which was covered with a concrete base. Rugged walls up to 6 meters high were then built on top of this, creating a diving experience similar to that of coral reefs. The aim was to create an extremely diverse underwater landscape. Over 3000 m3 of concrete and around 15,000 tons of rock were used for this. The body of water is therefore also considered a technological masterpiece.


    The most impressive of the lake's various adventure areas is the cave system, which is over 300 meters long. The corridors, some of which intersect and overlap, are up to 8 meters wide and 6 meters high. Particular emphasis was placed on a high safety standard: The diver is never more than 5 meters away from the nearest emergency exit. The lighting effects are particularly impressive. The diving park also contains a partially buried temple and a wreck. Some areas are dominated by angled rock formations, others are more open. Around 40 sturgeons swim tamely between the divers, the largest of which are over 2 meters long. The entrance to the lake is in a 1500 m2 glass building with a Mediterranean ambience.

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