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Instructor Training Center – become an i.a.c. instructor

Mischgastauchen.de – the training center for sport and mixed gas diving

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  • www.mischgastauchen.de

  • mischgastauchen.de Lauterbachstraße 7, 82538 Geretsried


  • +49 171 1263888
  • info@mischgastauchen.de

    Dive Center services:

    This Dive Center meets the following specifications.

    Technical Diving Experience – Experience technical diving with us

    Professional training center for OC, Tec and Rebreather Training,

    Individual training for recreational divers, Tec service and instructor training Sport and Tec from OC to CCR Trimix


    With over 25 years of experience as full-time diving instructors for technical diving, we accompany OC back and sidemount divers, CCR rebreather divers, solo divers, scooter divers, wreck and cave divers from beginners to diving instructors from Nitrox to Full Trimix. In 2004, the new training and education center for mixed gas diving was built on an area of 1700 square meters with 550 square meters for sales rooms, training rooms, equipment rooms, workshop as well as trimix and outdoor filling system for one purpose only, in order to be able to offer the best possible training, advice and service.


    - Tec - Training up to OC Full Trimix
    - CCR rebreather training up to full trimix: JJ-CCR, X-CCR, Liberty-CCR, AP Inspiration, SF2-CCR.
    - Tec Solo, Tec Scooter, Tec Wreck and Tec Side Mount
    - Gas blender for Nitrox and Trimix
    - Cave training

    Diving instructor and instructor trainer training

    - Scuba instructor training up to Master Instructor
    - Tec Instructor and Instructor Trainer up to OC Full Trimix
    - Tec Instructor and Instructor Trainer up to Full CCR Trimix
    - Tec Instructor and Instructor Trainer up to SCR Adv. Nitrox
    - Gasblender Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Nitrox and Trimix
    - Tec Instructor and Instructor Trainer Tec Solo, Tec Scooter and Tec Side Mount
    - Tec Instructor and Instructor Trainer Tec Wreck and Tec Cave

    We offer individual education and training in all areas, where the diver sets the focus.

    External gas filling system

    Since 2004 we have been operating a fully equipped filling system for all air, nitrox and trimix mixtures up to 300 bar. Gases can be taken along immediately by arrangement!
    After a short briefing, you can easily fill your cylinder with air at any time of the day or night in our 24-hour outdoor filling system.


    We only stock special Tec equipment, which is part of our own diving equipment, which we use ourselves for diving and with which we also conduct our training courses. Honest, competent and sensible advice is important to us, therefore we ask you to make an appointment for advice-intensive Tec equipment


    The Training Center for Mixed Gas Diving (AfM) has been offering manufacturer-certified overhauls, repairs and conversions since 1988. Since 2004, after the construction of the new workshop and service area, the AfM has specialized in Tec equipment. We have a high demand on quality, which we want to offer you and therefore know that even with 4 service technicians it is not possible to be top fit on all brands and for this reason we have specialized.
    Our specializations are in:
    - Cylinder service such as TÜV, repairs, new configurations of double devices, stage and sidemount cylinders.
    - Automatic revision of APEKS, MARES and Poseidon.
    - Repair, configuration and revision of rebreathers such as X-CCR, JJ-CCR, Inspiration and SF2
    - Repair of drysuits, cuff changes and leak tests with our own pressure tank.

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