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    This Dive Center meets the following specifications.


    The specialist diving store and diving school is now in its 5th season in Gronau in the beautiful Münsterland region. In our own store "Das Bootshaus" you can equip yourself completely with high-quality diving equipment. Of course you can also hire it from the diving center.
    Let's Dive has a filling station and carries out maintenance on equipment and diving cylinders.


    Let's Dive Gronau has its own diving lake. Diving courses and diving events take place there regularly. All special diving courses and professional diving instructor training can be completed here.
    Of course, guests are also welcome to descend at any time by prior arrangement. Not far away, in the Twente region of the Netherlands, there is a diving tower which is used regularly for training purposes.
    Let's Dive Gronau is not only strong in diving training, but has also been very popular in the areas of therapy and handicap diving within a radius of over 100 km for several years.
    Families are always welcome! Specially trained children's diving instructors are there for the little ones and parents are supported by the Let's Dive Club, so that everyone can enjoy this great sport.
    Apnoea training courses are also held at regular intervals, which you can attend.

    Water school

    Water is life, which is why we also say that water is the source of life.

    Our courses
    - Water familiarization from 3 to 5 years
    - Swimming courses From 5 years
    - Swimming courses for people with physical or mental disabilities
    - Swimming courses for adults
    - Aqua gymnastics
    - Baby swimming
    - Pregnancy aqua gymnastics


    Are you looking to make friends, enjoy guided trips to great diving spots in small groups or go on vacation? Then you've come to the right place.
    Come to the Let's Dive Club!
    Of course, no diving school should be without mermaiding and Let's Dive is also very successful in this area.

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