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Indoor diving tower Wittenberge

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19322 Wittenberge 11image 2017 03 30
  • www.tauchturm-wittenberge.de

  • Stadthafen Wittenberge, Bad Wilsnacker Str. 52, 19322 Wittenberge

  • 03877 567994600
  • info@oelmuehle-wittenberge.de

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    all year round Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am – 8 pm


    Northern Germany's largest diving tower offers clear visibility and a constant water temperature of 29°C all year round. With a depth of 9 meters and two different training levels, the training pool is not only worth a visit for beginners, but also for experienced divers all year round thanks to the various training opportunities.


    The diving tower is ideal for training of all kinds. Whether you are a taster diver, open water diver or diving instructor - everyone will find the right offer here. The team's many years of experience are reflected in the special training courses, such as apnoea diving and TEC diving up to Trimix 100, as well as the regular workshops on topics such as buoyancy control, SMB setting, photography and testing underwater lamps. You can then apply and deepen your knowledge on organized and guided diving trips.


    The indoor diving tower is located on the grounds of the Elbe Resort "Alte Ölmühle". In addition to overnight accommodation in the hotel, in the town's guesthouse or in a mobile home directly on the Elbe, you can also enjoy other leisure activities such as climbing or wellness on 2,300 m².

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