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Freedive Academy – One single breath

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  • www.freedive-academy.rocks

  • Freedive Academy, Mainzer Str. 46, 64572 Büttelborn

  • +49(0)174-9841302
  • w.giove@freedive-academy.de

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    Freediving specialist with locations in five German states, worldwide workshops and international group tours


    The Freedive Academy has been represented on the diving market for over ten years with its headquarters in Groß-Gerau. Werner Giove, owner and instructor trainer, and his team offer all courses on the way to becoming a freediving expert, from beginners' courses to professional seminars. In addition, Freedive Academy organizes worldwide workshops on various topics related to freediving, develops personal training courses on request or provides trainers and speakers for other diving centers and external events on request. Weekly training sessions are held in Groß-Gerau. Competitive athletes can be coached and instructors can be trained there


    Under the motto "Freediving rocks" and "Freediving Drill Days", several group trips are offered every year to different diving destinations such as Calabria, Madeira or Mallorca. The international trips, which are put together exclusively for freedivers, lead to new discoveries and old friends.


    The Freedive Academy also has a well-stocked store that offers a complete range of freediving equipment from the first mask to high-end quality - for sale as well as for hire. The only test center in Germany for the Italian outfitter Salvimar is also located in the Groß-Gerau store.

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