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Easy Diving Wiesbaden

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  • Easy Diving, Mainzer Str. 119, 65189 Wiesbaden

  • 0611 - 7 1 35 07
  • info@easydiving.de

    Dive Center services:

    This Dive Center meets the following specifications.

    Easy Diving Wiesbaden was founded in 1992. If you are interested in sport, TEC or children’s diving, freediving or swimming and snorkeling training, then you have come to the right place.


    Easy Diving is an Instructor Training Center. Here you can complete your training all year round, from introductory diving, sport and TEC diving to becoming a diving instructor.
    The affiliated, state-approved first aid training center offers both first aid training and special diving medicine seminars.


    As a trained diver, you will get your money's worth at Easy Diving.
    The Dive Center organizes weekend diving trips and group trips to surrounding lakes.
    You can book your trips worldwide in the in-house travel agency "Easy Diving Reisen" and/or join our regular worldwide group trips.
    Thanks to the modern filling station, your tanks can be filled with almost all gases.


    With its large dive store, approx. 60 parking spaces in the courtyard and three modern training rooms, Easy Diving Wiesbaden is open 6 days a week. The well-stocked store offers you everything a diver's heart desires.
    There is also a specially equipped club room for learning and celebrating.
    You can have your equipment and diving tanks checked, serviced and repaired in the workshop.
    Your wetsuits and drysuits can also be repaired in the wetsuit workshop.

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