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Diving station Warburg

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  • www.tauchstation-warburg.de

  • Tauchstation Warburg, Am Heidweg 11a, 34414 Warburg, Deutschland

  • 05641-500 35 33
  • info@tauchstation-warburg.de

    Dive Center services:

    This Dive Center meets the following specifications.

    The Warburg diving center focuses on high-quality training in diving from beginners to professionals.


    During a trial dive, you can try out everything at your leisure before you start your training. During activities at home and abroad, the highly motivated diving instructors of the young team will be on hand with help and advice.
    The motto: Learn, Perform, Praise, Laugh (4 L rule)


    As many diving courses are held each year at various levels of the training system, you will find divers of all levels who will be happy to assist you and also take you on dives in the surrounding lakes. In addition, the Warburg Diving Center runs several instructor training courses every year, which can be completed in Germany, Madeira, Egypt, the Netherlands or the Philippines.

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