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Diving school Bocholt

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  • www.tauchschule-bocholt.com

  • Tauchschule Bocholt, Timsmannweg 6, 46395 Bocholt

  • 02871/1899790
  • info@tauchschule-bocholt.de

    Dive Center services:

    This Dive Center meets the following specifications.

    The Bocholt diving school impresses with its versatility! Training from beginner to instructor, rental, repairs, excursions and group trips – the team at the diving school offers you all of this.


    Diving courses take place all year round in the heart of Bocholt. Small groups and i.a.c. Instructors who respond to your needs and have fun teaching you all aspects of diving. Whether beginner courses, advanced courses or instructor training - the Tauschule Bocholt has the right contact person for you.


    The training can be as varied as the customers. Dive sites in nearby lakes, indoor diving towers or trips to the nearby Netherlands offer exactly the right waters for every customer. Due to the different waters, it is possible to organize the training individually in small groups.


    The Tauschule store has a wide range of products for you. From overhauling your regulator to checking your complete equipment before your vacation - you are in the best hands here. In addition, the focus is on the sale and repair of drysuits.

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