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  • www.tauchen-hamburg.de

  • TAUCHEN-HAMBURG, Barmbeker Str. 153, 22299 Hamburg

  • 040 - 460 95 770
  • info@tauchen-hamburg.de

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    The TAUCHEN-HAMBURG-Club is the contact point for i.a.c. training (and CMAS training) in Hamburg.


    The diving center is located in Hamburg Winterhude, near the city park. Divers have been trained here all year round for 20 years. You can take all courses, from beginners to diving instructors. The center has a large selection of rental equipment and fills tanks in the filling station up to 300 bar.


    We dive in the Baltic Sea as well as in Hemmoor. We mainly go at the weekend and then spend the night there.
    The Baltic Sea is a beautiful diving area, rather shallow and easy to dive from land. And the sunsets are also simply beautiful in Schleswig-Holstein!
    It is not without reason that Hemmoor has won the diving AWARD in recent years. It's a great dive site - not only because you can see so much there, but also because of the perfect infrastructure.


    The Tauchen-Hamburg-Club has been around for 20 years! The store sells diving equipment from O-rings to compressors. Thanks to the many active divers, the team has a lot of information about which diving equipment is functional and which is not. Facebook and diving forums tend to be dominated by those who spend most of their time there. The team, on the other hand, spends the majority of their time underwater and this experience cannot be replaced by anything else. When it comes to diving equipment, you will find real professionals here.
    In addition, there is of course a workshop for regulators, battery changes and cylinder MOTs.

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