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Diving Center Saaletal

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07768 Kahla Tauchcenter Logo neu 2
  • www.tc-saaletal.de

  • Tauchcenter Saaletal, Bachstr. 29, 07768 Kahla

  • +49 172 79 949 79
  • info@tc-saaletal.de

    Dive Center services:

    This Dive Center meets the following specifications.

    The base is the only diving center in the southern Saale valley and the starting point for beautiful and exciting excursions into the underwater world in the middle of Germany.


    At the diving center, you can complete your diving training from beginner to diving instructor all year round. The team is always on hand to help you, whether it's putting together your personal equipment or filling your scuba tank at our own filling station. They also offer overhauls and repairs of your equipment, e.g. regulators, BCDs and much more.


    Diving activities to various German diving spots take place almost every weekend. Whether freshwater or saltwater, we even dive in mountain lakes. But diving trips to warmer climes are also on the program, and the destinations are very different. There is certainly something for everyone.


    From children's diving from the age of eight to diving training with all special courses, e.g. deep diving, navigation and CPR, or aqua med training, there is a lot on offer here. Once you have successfully completed your qualification, nothing stands in the way of your new adventures. Rediscover the underwater world with us!

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