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DiveSport Munich

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  • www.divesport.de

  • DIVESPORT® München UG, Hinterbärenbadstraße 74, 81373 München

  • +49-(0)89-71 99 90 09
  • muenchen@divesport.de

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    DIVESPORT Munich has been in existence since 1999 in the south of Munich, between the Garmisch and Lindau highways - the ideal starting point to reach the most beautiful Bavarian and Tyrolean lakes in a short time. On two floors you will find everything to do with diving.


    The joy of diving allows the team to "hop in" at different locations in summer and winter: Year-round diving, day trips, weekend trips and travel. Clear local mountain lakes, the Mediterranean with its wrecks, tropical waters rich in fish or diving under a sheet of ice? There's something for everyone here - Dive Your Way.


    You are offered all courses and seminars from beginner to instructor training in the areas of recreational diving, freediving, tec and handicap diving.
    The full-time diving instructors from DIVESPORT Munich will accompany you during your training and always look after your well-being - both above and below the water.
    Safety, competence, flexibility and fun are the hallmarks of this DiveCenter!

    Filling station/outdoor filling system

    Are you on your way to one of the popular lakes in southern Germany and still need "good air"? Die Basis will be happy to fill your cylinder with compressed air from the Pure Air certified Bauer compressor. Nitrox, oxygen, trimix and argon are of course also available to order.
    The base also has the only outdoor filling system in Munich and the surrounding area.
    After a short briefing, you can easily fill your tank here at any time of day or night.

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