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DiveCenter Maniglgut

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  • www.maniglgut.com

  • Divecenter Maniglgut e.U., Neubauerstraße 19, 4050 Traun, Österreich

  • +43 676 57 36 36 1
  • office@maniglgut.com

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    The “DiveCenter Maniglgut” was founded in 2000 in the heart of Upper Austria. The name is based on the name of the former farm in which the diving center is now housed.


    It is centrally located between many Upper Austrian lakes, such as Pichlingersee, Attersee and Traunsee. The diving course theory takes place in our own (air-conditioned) training room. All theoretical content is also offered as online video training.


    One of the highlights is river diving. Diving courses are offered from beginners to professionals according to i.a.c.. Taster dives in the lake and pool are possible at any time.
    The offer also includes children's diving, river diving, various special courses (orientation, nitrox, group guiding, deep diving, wreck diving, drift diving, etc.), first aid courses (O2/AED) and guided dives in Austria. DiveCenter Maniglgut operates a filling station together with its partner diving center. Equipment rental with regularly serviced equipment is offered. You can also purchase new equipment. Tank MOT, regulator service and repairs are also carried out together with the partners.

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