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  • www.dive4life.de

  • dive4life Indoortauchcenter, Zeithstraße 110, 53721 Siegburg

  • 02241 - 9572185
  • office@dive4life.de

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    The Dive4Life indoor diving center is the largest heated diving pool in Germany. It is conveniently located on the A3, in beautiful Siegburg.


    The key data are breathtaking: three million liters of crystal-clear water with a maximum depth of 20 meters and a water temperature of 26°C all year round. The pool is round and has a diameter of 18 meters at the top (up to 7 meters) and 9 meters at the bottom (7 to 20 meters).


    Divers of all levels are welcome at Dive4Life! If you haven't been there before, the friendly dive center crew will give you a briefing with everything you need to know. Then you can dive to your heart's content! From the entry point, there is an optional 1.2-meter platform leading to the large Caves and platform at a depth of 3 meters. The spacious 7-meter plateau invites you to float or do some stretching. In the middle of the tower it goes down to 20 meters! A perfect pool for practicing, but diving schools with their students are also very welcome!
    For diving, 5l, 8l and 10l steel cylinders with mono or double valves (breathing air) are available. Nitrox up to EAN 36 is also available from a modern Bauer membrane system.
    The adjoining Friendly Cityhotel "Octopus" offers optimal conditions for guests staying for several days.

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