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Dugong Dive Center

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  • www.dugong.ch

  • Dugong Dive Center, Nordstrasse 116, 8200 Schaffhausen, Schweiz

  • +41 52 620 39 70
  • info@dugong.ch

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    River diving in the Rhine

    Glide weightlessly with the current and feel like you're flying underwater - that's what river diving in the Rhine is all about. Good visibility and a wide variety of fish are the order of the day here! A regional highlight that is only possible with a permit.

    River diving in the Valle Verzasca

    Descend into the beautiful Verzasca Valley and explore the various pools and waterfalls together with the team. The crystal-clear water offers visibility of up to 40 meters and reveals a picturesque underwater landscape of rock formations that have been shaped by the current over millions of years. In addition, trout can often be observed at close range near the waterfalls. Weekends in Ticino are offered regularly.

    Sport and TEC diving

    The team is at home in Lake Constance. Whether wreck diving on the Jura or wall diving in Wallhausen - they know their way around. They will take you to the most interesting spots in Lake Constance in a targeted and training-oriented manner. Diving courses of all kinds from beginners to professionals are offered here.

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